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Ditch Water

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Nevada County Irrigation District Canal

Nevada County Irrigation District Canal

Irrigation water in the Sierra Foothills is not immune to the politics of  California Water Wars.  Water is a precious commodity and transporting water is expensive, especially to the thirsty throats of the southern California cities and central valley agribusiness.

Up here in the Sierra Foothills, water appears plentiful and ubiquitous.  It seems like there are NID (Nevada Irrigation District) canals everywhere.  But looks are deceiving.  continue reading…

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Riverhill Farm in Bloom

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Riverhill Zinnias

Zinnias and Sunflowers

Riverhill Farm, a few miles north of Nevada City, CA is my CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).  It’s a farm where I buy an annual share in the harvest.  I pick up my box of fresh, organic goodies every Monday.  Yesterday I noticed all the flowers in bloom at the farm and couldn’t resist taking a few photos

Riverhill Lavender


Riverhill Roses


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10 Added Values for Rural Property in Nevada County, CA

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Conventional home evaluations for the rural areas between Auburn, CA and Grass Valley, CA will yield that most-important  statistic–price per square foot.  This datum will be the foundation for the price estimated by appraisers.  But, in our rural areas where properties vary enormously in acreage and other critical elements, we must also consider extra values that can add to–or subtract from–the mostly likely sales price.

Monteclaire back yard 


1.  Location–How far is the property from things the owners like to do, or need to do?  How far from the convenient freeway entrance, Big Box shopping, medical facilities, cultural and entertainment venues, the nearest carton of milk? continue reading…

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7 Reasons to Live in South County

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The area we call South County is north of Auburn, CA just across the Bear River in Nevada County and just below Alta Sierra.

1.  The location is superb.  South County is near the mountains, canyons, rivers, and trails and it is also near continue reading…

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