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Lake of the Pines Real Estate. How Are We Doing? Part 1

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This is the first of a five-part analysis of real estate at Lake of the Pines, California.   In Part 1 I will compare average-sized Lake of the Pines homes that sold during the past 12 months (May 19, 2011 through May 18, 2012) with average homes that sold the previous year (May 19, 2010 through May 18, 2011). For this first study I am defining average-sized homes as between 1500 and 2500 square feet and excluding “lakefront” homes along the shore.

                                                     5/19/10 thru 5/18/11           5/19/11 thru 5/19/12        

Number of homes sold                                  46                                                    43

Highest price sold                                   $435,000                                      $405,000

Lowest price sold                                      $150,000                                         $73,000

Average price sold                                    $241,992                                       $248,931

Median price sold                                      $224,000                                      $239,900

Average list price                                       $254,694                                      $262,824

%sold price/list price                                     95%                                               95%

Price per square foot listed                         $137                                             $136

Price per square foot sold                           $130                                               $129

Average days on the market                          119                                                  94



You can see that about the same number of homes (43 to 46) sold this year as in the previous year, but sold 25 days  faster (94 days on the market to 119).

Prices have risen slightly, about 6%, (comparing the median of $224,000 in 2010-2011 with the median of $239,900 in 2011-2012).

Prices have risen slightly, about 3% (comparing the average of $241,992 in 2010-2011 with the average of $248,931 in 2011-2012).

Prices are almost identical (comparing price per square foot  ($130 to $129).  This is probably the most reliable indicator of value.



Prices of homes sold at Lake of the Pines have been relatively unchanged from the previous year through this year.   




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Success Story at Lake of the Pines, California

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Matt walked into my office at Lake of the Pines and said:

“I want a realtor who will write as many low ball offers as it takes for me to get a house.”

I said:

“I’m your man. It sounds like you’ve been working with another realtor?”

“Yeah, but I fired her.”


“She wouldn’t listen to me.  I told her I only had so much money, that’s all, but she kept showing me houses that cost more than I had.”

“How much do you have?”

He said:

“One hundred and thirty thousand dollars.  Can you get me a house for that?  All I need is a foreclosure at Lake of the Pines that I can fix up for me and my three kids.”

Matt told me that he was a single dad with a job as a groundskeeper at a nearby country club.  He had a daughter at Cottage Hill Elementary School, a son at Magnolia Middle, and another daughter at Bear River High. Those three schools are adjacent to Lake of the Pines, so it was easy to see why he wanted to stay in the community where he was currently renting a home.

But, by limiting himself to Lake of the Pines, a gated community with about 2,000 homes, his selection of fixers-for-sale was also limited.  Even more problematic, these foreclosures were mostly in the $150,000 to $170,000 price range.

Taking a deep breath, I began to write offers, typically $120,000, sometimes $125,000.  Over a two-month period we presented offers on 9 different homes, with an additional half dozen counter offers—when we could get the bank sellers to respond to our first foray.

We both became discouraged, and a little frantic.  The only way Matt could make this work financially was to take advantage of a first-time buyer program, and that money was drying up.

Then, a miracle.  The bank owner of a unique Tahoe-styled 3 bedroom cabin on a quiet cul-de-sac street at Lake of the Pines ran up the white flag, surrendered and accepted our cobbled-together offer of $135,000 with a $6,000 credit back to the buyer for a total purchase price of $129,000.

This home was a 3 story, gambrel-roofed construction, not typical of the single-story homes preferred at Lakeof the Pines, but it fit Matt and his kids like a well-tailored suit.  The top floor had a modest master suite for Matt with a bedroom, his own bathroom, and private balcony overlooking a shady back yard.  The main floor had the kitchen, living room, bathroom, deck, and two bedrooms, one each for the two youngest kids.  The lower floor had a studio with private bath, and private entrance for the teenage girl.

Last night, I had the great pleasure of giving Matt the keys. Today he, the kids, his brother, and his mom and dad are painting and fixing stuff.  Tomorrow I’m going to there replace a window and do some wiring.  Monday, they move in to their own home.

Ain’t that a good story!

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Gardening at Lake of the Pines, California

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Here’s a “before” video of my garden at Lake of the Pines.  The weather has been so quirky, I waited until mid-April before putting in the veggies.  I stick to basics:  tomatoes, potatoes, squash, cukes, lettuce, and my specialty, carrots.  Oh, sure, there’s a bit of cilantro and mint, and rosemary and lavender grow all over my yard like a weeds.

Enough, chatter, here’s the vid:


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Fishing at Lake of the Pines, California

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The bass are spawning in the shallows this week at Lake of the Pines, California.  The fishermen are just “tearing it up.”   I have been watching them pull one fish after another up from right off my dock.  Fortunately (for the bass), these are “catch and release” fishermen.  Come to think of it, maybe they are catching the same 5 to 10 pound lunkers over and over again.

My pal, Cheryl Taylor, took this early morning photo  from her deck this morning (April 22, 2012).  You can see from the fisherman’s posture that he has something on the line.  In 12 years or living on the lake, I have never seen the fishing so good.

Lake of the Pines is a man-made lake, approximately 230 acres in size with 5 and 1/2 miles of shoreline and several coves.  It’s back in those shallower coves where you will find the action at this time of year.

There are several species of pan fish (blue gills, etc) and a few cat fish lurking in the depths near the dam, but make no mistake about it, Lake of the Pines is a bass lake.  Technically, it’s not a catch-and-release lake.  You can keep ’em, but what would you do with ’em?  Eat ’em?  Yuk.  Don’t bother.  These are sport fish, not eatin’ fish.

I do love living at Lake of the Pines.  I’m going down to the store and get my fishing license as soon as I get off work, put the boat in the water, and start flinging rubber worms at the bass.  Most of the year, these fish are smart, but during spawning season, they are dumb as rocks.  Even I can catch them.


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Running Around at Lake of the Pines, California

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Shipshape Home at Lake of the Pines

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Crisp, clean, with numerous upgrades, ready to sail.  A sea-worthy seller will work with you for a smooth voyage, not a short sale “negotiator” who will steer you onto the rocks like the drunken captain of an Italian cruise ship.


Golfers will enjoy this excellent and convenient location.  The attached golf cart garage opens onto a pretty path that leads up and over a knoll and down onto the second fairway.

But, the course is far enough away that the home remains private and quiet.  The house cannot be seen from the course,
and the golfers cannot be heard from the house. Golf balls will not crash through the plate glass windows or konk the kids on the head.

There is plenty of space in the back yard for the kids to play, or for grownups to hang out in the shade. When you add in all of the superb Lake of the Pines amenities, this comfortable home is an excellent value.

  • 1953 Square Feet
  • 1/3 acre
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2 and ½ baths
  • golf cart garage



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Mold Mold Mold Mold Mold Mold

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Mold.   The “M” word.  The four-letter word real estate agents are never to say, because we’re not experts, right?  We don’t really know it’s mold, do we?  There’s so much liability associated with mold, and we need to cover our ass, capiche?

But I’ll tell you about the best $385 I ever spent.  We’ll, my client actually spent it, but I talked him into it.  Here’s the story.

After several months of searching, and two failed offers, we finally found the perfect home for his multi-generational family.  He could afford it, and, most importantly, there was continue reading…

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Binky and Boinky Had an Accident

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Binky and Boinky had an accident, just a teensy accident in their home.  Perhaps it was a small fire or a plumbing leak that ruined a bit of floor.  I can’t tell you exactly what it was because Boinky swore me to secrecy.  I can tell you that the damage was continue reading…

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WOW! What a View! Lakefront Home at Lake of the Pines

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Sunset from the Back Yard

We are delighted to present this unique property, a relaxing and lovely 5 bedroom 3 bath lakefront home in one of California’s most beautiful lake and golf communities.  It is conveniently located one hour from the ski slopes, and in the summer it becomes a recreational paradise with swimming, kayaking, fishing and waterskiing.  Expansive outdoor decks provide continue reading…

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Lake of the Pines Real Estate, Highs and Lows, 2011

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First, we’ll compare Lake of the Pines sales for 2011 with last year, 2010, then we’ll take a closer look at this year.

2010     70 total sales

2011     78 total sales

(Note that there are 11 pending sales as of this post with about 3 weeks left in 2011 .  There is no way to tell how many, if any, will continue reading…

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