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Shipshape Home at Lake of the Pines

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Crisp, clean, with numerous upgrades, ready to sail.  A sea-worthy seller will work with you for a smooth voyage, not a short sale “negotiator” who will steer you onto the rocks like the drunken captain of an Italian cruise ship.


Golfers will enjoy this excellent and convenient location.  The attached golf cart garage opens onto a pretty path that leads up and over a knoll and down onto the second fairway.

But, the course is far enough away that the home remains private and quiet.  The house cannot be seen from the course,
and the golfers cannot be heard from the house. Golf balls will not crash through the plate glass windows or konk the kids on the head.

There is plenty of space in the back yard for the kids to play, or for grownups to hang out in the shade. When you add in all of the superb Lake of the Pines amenities, this comfortable home is an excellent value.

  • 1953 Square Feet
  • 1/3 acre
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2 and ½ baths
  • golf cart garage



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Mold Mold Mold Mold Mold Mold

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Mold.   The “M” word.  The four-letter word real estate agents are never to say, because we’re not experts, right?  We don’t really know it’s mold, do we?  There’s so much liability associated with mold, and we need to cover our ass, capiche?

But I’ll tell you about the best $385 I ever spent.  We’ll, my client actually spent it, but I talked him into it.  Here’s the story.

After several months of searching, and two failed offers, we finally found the perfect home for his multi-generational family.  He could afford it, and, most importantly, there was continue reading…

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Binky and Boinky Had an Accident

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Binky and Boinky had an accident, just a teensy accident in their home.  Perhaps it was a small fire or a plumbing leak that ruined a bit of floor.  I can’t tell you exactly what it was because Boinky swore me to secrecy.  I can tell you that the damage was continue reading…

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WOW! What a View! Lakefront Home at Lake of the Pines

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Sunset from the Back Yard

We are delighted to present this unique property, a relaxing and lovely 5 bedroom 3 bath lakefront home in one of California’s most beautiful lake and golf communities.  It is conveniently located one hour from the ski slopes, and in the summer it becomes a recreational paradise with swimming, kayaking, fishing and waterskiing.  Expansive outdoor decks provide continue reading…

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Lake of the Pines Real Estate, Highs and Lows, 2011

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First, we’ll compare Lake of the Pines sales for 2011 with last year, 2010, then we’ll take a closer look at this year.

2010     70 total sales

2011     78 total sales

(Note that there are 11 pending sales as of this post with about 3 weeks left in 2011 .  There is no way to tell how many, if any, will continue reading…

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Lake of the Pines: 2010 Real Estate Review

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Old Misc Cannon Stuff 1077

The 2010 real estate year at Lake of the Pines was difficult in several regards.

  • Many excellent houses languished unsold
  • Distressed homes (short sales and foreclosures) dragged prices down for everybody
  • The total number of homes sold was low compared to other years
  • Buyers were skittish about job security or were waiting until the market really, really, really hit bottom
  • Financing was harder to get

Here’s the snapshot of the year, data provided by Nevada County Association of Realtors.  It’s important to note that Lake of the Pines actually has two classes of homes: (1) lake front homes and (2) everything else. 

The Lake of the Pines Homes Sold in 2010 Report

Total Number of Homes Sold              Non-Lakefront Homes Sold                Lakefront Homes Sold

65                                                                                        57                                                              8

Average Days on the Market                                     95                                                             143

Average Listing Price                                             $295,423                                           $850,937

Average Selling Price                                             $279,970                                           $783,478

Percent Sold Price/List Price                                    95%                                                     92%                                    

Price Per Square Foot                                                 $149                                                    $288

Among the 68 homes currently for sale, 21 of them are “distressed” sales, either short sales or foreclosures.  That computes to 32%.  These distressed homes are typically priced below the list price of conventional sales.

The Lake of the Pines Homes Currently for Sale Report

Total Number of Homes for Sale          Non Lakefront Homes                     Lakefront Homes

68                                                                                    56                                                          12

High Price for Sale                                                $670,000                                         $2,250,000

Low Price for Sale                                                 $107,000                                            $624,900

Average Price for Sale                                         $290,480                                        $1,020,900*

Average Days on the Market                                  143                                                      189

Price Per Square Foot                                            $145                                                    $329*

*Note that this figure is skewed by one home that is for sale at $2,250,000.  This one home is $1,229,100 above the average lakefront home price of $1,020,900.  Also note that without this one home, the average list price for lakefront homes would be $909,163 with an average price per square foot of $317.

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An Affordable Home. What the Heck Does That Mean?

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There are a lot of highfalutin’ ideas about “affordability.”  Is an affordable home a “right” to accompany the other Constitutional rights: life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and a darling 3br/2bath contemporary home with a pee-a-boo view of the lake? Is an affordable home an essential element of the “American Dream?”

Down here in the real estate trenches, I think a home becomes affordable when a family can buy it for the same amount of money they are currently spending to rent a comparable house.

Let’s take an average house for sale in Nevada County, California, and see continue reading…

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Perfect Sun

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Thye View East

Eastern View

The price of a lakefront home can be significantly influenced by the home’s orientation to the sun’s path as it courses through the day from dawn to dusk.  Lakefront homes are most enjoyed, obviously, on the side facing the lake (not the street side).  Decks, porches, patios, and, especially, expansive windows are positioned continue reading…

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Fishing Is For Girls

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Can a girl catch a fish at Lake of the Pines?

Sydey's Fish

Sydney's Fish


Sydney Scott caught this 18″ beauty off my dock, summer 2010.

Bailey Fink caught this keeper in Shadow Cove, at Lake of the Pines, summer 2009

Bailey's Fish

 Bailey Fink caught this keeper in Shadow Cove, at Lake of the Pines, summer 2009

Ruby's Fish

Ruby's Fish

Ruby Pettit landed this lunker off my dock, Summer 2010.

Lake of the Pines has a good reputation as a bass fishing lake.  You can also catch pan fish and a few catfish, but largemouth bass are the ticket.  The lake has a surface are of about 260 acres with lots of coves.  At the deepest point near the dam, the water is 55-60 feet.  Bass plugs work at certain times of year, but soft plastic worms get most of the fish.  Old timers recommend black, blue and brown worms.  I’ve had my best luck with watermelon green.

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It Never Snows at Lake of the Pines

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Old Misc Cannon Stuff 1379

Well, almost never.  At 1500 feet of elevation, we Pinespeeps like to claim that we live “below the snow line.”  Oops.

Old Misc Cannon Stuff 1380

These photos are from the winter of 2008.  Granted, this snow fall was unusual for us, but for about a week we needed 4 wheel drive to get out of the driveway.

Old Misc Cannon Stuff 1384

The house sparrows complained, “Baby, it’s cold outside!”

Old Misc Cannon Stuff 1386

Snow or no snow, everybody has got to eat.

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