I Hate PG&E

said on June 10th, 2010 filed under: Water Wells, Septic Systems, Sewers, Electric Power

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog titled “Hooking Up Electrical Service in Rural Counties.” In the blog I was quite complimentary to the folks at the PG&E application desk in Nevada County, CA.  Two respondents quickly fired off dissenting opinions. Both said words to the effect: “I hate PG&E.” Here is my summary of their points:
  • PG&E is a profit-oriented business, and a monopoly, and its goal is to squeeze every last cent it can from its customers.
  • PG&E tells you one thing in the office and another thing out in the field.
  • PG&E manipulates customers toward the most costly solutions for hooking up service.
  • PG&E withholds information about available discounts, shared service options, and other cost saving strategies.
  • PG&E’s attittude is “if the customers are too stupid to know about a cheaper way to do things, then they deserve to get a higher bill.”

You can see that there are at least two very unhappy PG&E customers.

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  1. Down with PG&E

    PG&E is all these things that big businesses are in America. They are even worse. For month a PG&E substation has been polluting my neighborhood with nose. It is 24/7 and goes right into my home disrupting my sleep. PG&E has been too cheep to spend any money to take care of the problem. They do think we are stupid. To stupid to understand that a substation does not need to be noisy.

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