Well Drilling in Northern California

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Professional well drillers in Nevada County, California charge $18 to $21 per foot to drill with a minimum drill of 100 feet. The drilling fee includes 20 feet of casing into bedrock and a seal and cap.



100 foot well = $1800 to $2100
200 foot well = $3600 to $4200
300 foot well = $5400 to $6300
400 foot well = $7200 to $8400
500 foot well = $9000 to $10,500

fees & setup = $750 (approximate)

 pump and system = $2200 (approximate and includes boom truck)
100 feet trenching = $ 550 (100 feet of trenching for power
source and pipe at $5.50 per foot)

300 foot well with a 100 foot trench = $8,900-$9,200

Variables that can increase price:

  • steel casing or additional liners if geology is unstable
  • difficult access to the drilling site that requires heavy equipment to cut a road or level a drill pad

Can deepening an existing well increase the yield? Possibly. The best rule of thumb: if your well is 200 feet and producing 2gpm and the other wells near you are (1) deeper and (2) producing more than yours, chances are good that deepening your well will increase your yield.

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