Running the Summit on San Bruno Mountain

said on November 13th, 2010 filed under: Running and Hiking trails

Every now and again, you need to mix in a novelty run among your usual trails.  I was visiting a friend in South San Francisco and looked around on the map for an interesting afternoon run.  Right in the middle of South San Francisco where San Bruno, Brisbane, and Daly City all squish together, there’s a huge blank space in the map—San Bruno Mountain State and County Park.  Well, why the heck not?

San Bruno sign

I found the trail head right inside the park entrance.  How about the Summit Loop (3.1 miles) with the Ridge Trail (4.8 miles) out-and-back added on to the loop.  Let’s see, looks like almost 8 miles.  Lace ’em on!

San Bruno Eucalyptus

On the first part of the trail, I loped through a pretty grove of eucalyptus trees.  We don’t get these beauties up in the foothills, so I was most appreciative as I passed among their graceful community.

It was hard work getting up to the summit.  I was happy to find the ridge trail intersection and head out through the ups and downs of that gorgeous track.  The scenery was spectacular.

San Bruno Candlestick

That’s Candlestick Park nestled against that hill.

San Bruno Airport

It’s hard to see in the photo, but that’s the San Francisco International Airport jutting out into the bay. 

I wish I had more photos, but I was enjoying myself so much, well . . . I just forgot to stop and take them.  I had also taken part in an all-morning meditation.  Frankly, I was in a totally ecstatic state, and picture taking seemed a bit . . . what?  Unnecessary?

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