Binky and Boinky Had an Accident

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Binky and Boinky had an accident, just a teensy accident in their home.  Perhaps it was a small fire or a plumbing leak that ruined a bit of floor.  I can’t tell you exactly what it was because Boinky swore me to secrecy.  I can tell you that the damage was not too bad, because Binky decided to fix it himself rather than put in a claim with the insurance company.  He didn’t want his insurance premium to go up, capiche?  But, just to cover all bases, Boinky decided to put in a call to their insurance agent, not to file a claim, mind you, just to ask a few questions.

  • What would be the deductible if they did file a claim if they were to file a claim, which they weren’t?
  • Was there a maximum amount that could be claimed if they were to file a claim, which they weren’t?

And so on.

Surprise! The insurance company still recorded a claim on their record, even though Binky and Boinky did NOT make a claim and there was no payout by the insurer—and, get this, the insurer increased Binky and Boinky’s premium—just for making the call. sez  “In some cases, making a claim may cause an insurance company to raise your rates.  In other instances, the decision to file a claim could put your name into a database that makes it difficult to get or maintain coverage in the future.”

But, you don’t have to make a claim to get dinged, you just have to make a call.

So what’s the moral to the Fable of Binky and Boinky?  If you decide NOT to file a claim for your teensy accident, then keep your hands off the phone.

Should you ever tell anyone about the teensy accident?  Sure!  Who?

Future buyers of your home.  Why?  When in doubt . . . (altogether now!) . . . DISCLOSE!

This story about Binky and Boinky is so hush hush, that I can’t even tell you where they  live, except to say that it is in a community very similar to Lake of the Pines, California just outside of Auburn, California, but not quite as far north as Grass Valley, California.

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