10304 Kenwood Drive, Grass Valley, CA Two New Photos

said on April 25th, 2012 filed under: Alta Sierra, Country Property, Grass Valley, Localism

I’m going to lose my job as Jenkins Team photographer if CJ keeps taking shots like these.  We weren’t happy with the cover photo I took of this immaculate house 3 miles south of Grass Valley, CA, so CJ Jenkins, Intrepid Girl Photographer, went out to bag a new one.  Well, CJ “brought home the bear.”  That’s what we say to each other after some singular accomplishment.

Me:  Did you bring home the bear?

CJ:  A big one.

Me:  I’ll skin it and cook it.

She’s the rain maker and I’m the closer in our business, if you haven’t already guessed that.

So here’s a much prettier look at the home:


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