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said on June 3rd, 2012 filed under: Localism, Whimsy

Four days ago I completed the Real Estate Tomato “Thirty One Blogs in Thirty One Days” challenge.  I wrote exactly thirty-one blogs in a systematic one-blog-a-day routine (no slacking off then catching up).

Then I sighed and sat back to rest and enjoy my success.

I remembered this aphorism from the Talmud:

Learning your lesson 100 times is not the same as learning it 101 times.

It occurred to me that the most important blog was not the thirty-first, the “concluding” blog, the “winning” blog, but, rather, the next blog, the thirty-second blog, and all the blogs to follow.

I scrambled today, June 3rd, to catch up, writing three blogs so that I could pull even again.

Organic, Sustainable, Local


6 Nevada County Farmers Markets





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