My Garden, First of July Update

said on July 1st, 2012 filed under: Localism

Here’s the update on my 2012 garden as requested by so many readers.  Well, Alys Milner requested it, and that’s enough for me.

Here’s the main bed, given over this year to tomatoes and squash.  Squash takes a lot of room, doesn’t it.  There are a few sunflowers in the back that somehow survives this year’s plagues or squirrels and birds.

As usual, the ‘taters are doing well.

Always have to have a little bed of California poppies.  That poppy yellow-gold is my favorite color.

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  1. Bunny!

    Where’s Mr. Buddha with his…er, you know.

  2. bobjenkins

    Buddha lost his cucumber. It can happen to anybody.

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