Susan-isms by the Dozen

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When we were just getting started, CJ and I served our apprenticeships with Sue Thompson, the owner of HomeTown Realtors in Auburn, California.

Most of the foundational teachings, our Real Estate Commandments, we learned from Sue.  She was our mentor and guru.

Here are a dozen of the best Susan-isms from those rookie days:

1.     Do it NOW (not later today, or tomorrow, or some other time . . . NOW)

2.     Get your ass in the car and go FIX the problem

3.     STOP trying  to be Mr. Professor Expert

4.     Promise less and deliver MORE

5.     Live in the QUESTION (When you don’t know what to say, ask more questions.)

6.     LISTEN

7.     Correcting your boss is a great technique for getting FIRED

8.     BE WITH your clients bellybutton to bellybutton

9.     There is a butt for every seat and a buyer for EVERY HOUSE

10.     The most important thing to know is your INVENTORY

11.     The real job of the realtor is to TRANSFER TITLE from a seller to a buyer

12.     A good Realtor can make money in ANY market.


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