Thought Provoking Resources for Gardeners

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Here are provoctive resources for gardeners, landscapers, conservationists, and environmentalists.


Books to Read

Sunset Western Garden Book (9th Edition) OK, this is not provocative in a radical sense, but it is a foundational resource for gardeners on the West Coast, our “Bible,” if you will.  Order it anywhere.  Older versions are just as good (in my opinion) and a lot cheaper.

Western Nevada County Gardening Guide (All About Gardening in the Sierra Nevada Foothills)  Order this from the Master Gardeners mentioned below.  University of California Cooperative Extension and Nevada County Master gardeners.

Sand County Almanac (with Essays on Conservation from Round River)

Aldo Leopold,  published in 1949 by his son.  Paperback.  This was the first book my forestry professor, Neal Lemerise,  made us read.  A conservation primer.

Second Nature (A Gardener’s Education)

Michael Pollan, published in 1971.  Paperback.  Pollan’s other works (Omnivore’s Dilemma, In Defense of Food, and The Botany of Desire) are better known, but this collection of essays is my favorite.

Farming:  A Handbook

Wendell Berry.  Poems about our relationship to the land by America’s preeminent literary rustic.


 Places to Buy Stuff in Nevada and Placer County


Bald Mountain Nursery

6195 Bald Mountain Road

Browns Valley

Call 530-743-4856 before you go


Pleasant Valley Farm and Garden Supply

125 Clydesdale Court

Grass Valley


Eisley  Nursery

380 Nevada Street



Rare Earth Landscaping Materials

11750 LaBarr Meadows Road

Grass Valley


People to Call for Help


Master Gardeners Nevada County

255 South Auburn Street

Grass Valley



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