Bear River Clean Up

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Bear River (Rio Oso) divides north Placer and south Nevada counties in the lower foothills of California.  Each year volunteers from the nearby communities gather at the one-lane bridge where Dog Bar Road crosses the river to clean up our little “Bear.”  For the past decade local high school teacher, Jeff Carrow, who coaches and teaches at Bear River High School (appropriate, isn’t it?) organizes a crew of students to come out on a Saturday morning with trash bags and gloves.

Frequently I attach myself to Jeff’s group.  He taught English to my son, Luke, and pretends to know who I am.  Anyway, he seems happy with the extra help.  This year I brought along a friend and client, Rich Gregerson.  Do I know how to show my clients a good time or what?

Dharma, of course, loves to come along, though as she ages, it’s more supervisory than particpatory.

Here are some of Jeff’s kids performing a “sweep” of the shallows.

This is the Diving Pool where the more adventurous hurl themselves from the rocks into the deep (ish) waters below.  I have, myself, performed this feat of deering-do on many occasions.

I am pleased to report that the river and riverbanks were much cleaner than in years past, and by the time we left, the Bear was, once again, pristine and clean.

My haul?

plastic water bottles (3)

bottle caps (several)

broken glass (a small handful)

cigarette butts (thousands, so it seemed)

and the piece d’resistance . . .

a pair of men’s briefs (royal blue)

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