Beautiful Home for Sale at Lake of the Pines with Sensational Views

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Check out this beautiful home for sale at Lake of the Pines with sensational views.

Beautiful home for sale at Lake of the Pines – front view

What’s in a view, anyway?  I like long range views that take my mind out and away, and I like big views, 180 degrees or more, that wrap around me.  I like views with a wealth of content and variety, lots to look at, and things that move like boats and clouds and waves.  I like views that express different moods as the seasons change and weather transforms the world from sunny to stormy.  I like water views, creeks and rivers and oceans, but most of all I like lake views.

There is something about a lake view that calms you down and gives you peace of mind.  Come home after a stressful day, walk out on to the back deck and look out over the lake.  A young woman paddles past in a kayak, looks up at you and waves.  Mallards take off and land, glide around thinking waterfowl thoughts, squabble among themselves.  They’re rather silly, you know, mallards.  Bluegill pop for bugs, and every now and then a largemouth bass roils the surface.  The evening breeze comes up, ruffling the water.  Sunset.  Yes, lake views are the best of all.

This beautiful home for sale has one of the best lake views at Lake of the Pines.  From the expansive back deck, and from almost every window, you can look out at the finest sights Lake of the Pines has to offer.   Your brand new Clubhouse, heart and soul of your community, occupies a prime location out on the point, and just below the Cubhouse, the marina where the boats come and go.  Youngsters frolic on the sandy beach.  Athletic couples play a doubles match on one of the tennis courts. The swimming club kids, the Piranas, are training in the pool.  Water skiers swerve through the slalom course, and graceful sailboats catch a favorable wind and cut away into one of the secluded coves.  Over there, against the far shoreline, a solitary long-distance swimmer strokes through the calm water.  Two fishermen in a small boat haul in an 8 pound lunker bass.  Where did you put your binoculars?  On the Fourth of July, the most fun night at Lake of the Pines, the Pinesmen launch a spectacular barrage of fireworks out over the water.  What’s in a view you ask?  You can see it all from your beautiful new home at Lake of the Pines.

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