Lake of the Pines Easter Egg Hunt

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Lake of the Pines Easter Egg Hunt, or . . .


I Married the Easter Bunny!

There must have been a record number of children at the annual Easter Egg Hunt.

By the time I arrived, the first wave of toddlers had already completed their mad dash to egg satiation, and the second wave, the middle-aged ruffians were lining up.

The star of course is the Easter Bunny herself.

Hmmm, those ears . . . ?

That nose . . . ?

It all looks so familiar.  If only I could get a look at that cute little cotton tail, I would know for sure.

Yes!  It is her.  Shhhhhhh!  Do not tell a soul under 14 years old.  That’s CJ Jenkins handing out sweets and hugs.

I married the Easter Bunny!

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