Home Sales for Lake of the Pines, Ca. in 2013

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Home sales for Lake of the Pines, Ca. in 2013.

Let’s dispense with anecdotal examples. Let’s swerve around wishful thinking.  Let’s take an honest look at the hard evidence–actual sales of homes at Lake of the Pines, California.

For this analysis, we’ll compare sales data from the Nevada County Association of Realtors for the first quarter of 2013. This analysis shows the “average” for non lakefront homes as there weren’t any lakefronts sold during the first quarter.

Number of homes sold                                             26

Average Days on the Market (DOM)                     81

Asking Price at time of sale                                 $252,423

Asking Price per square foot                                   $141.71

Actual Sold Price                                                  $244,297
Percent sold price to asking price                           97%

The average size of homes sold                                1716 sq ft

Average High sold                                                     $495,000

Average Median sold                                                 $207,750

Average Low sold                                                       $124,000

This analysis of home sales for Lake of the Pines, Ca. in 2013 will probably look different in the next quarter. Currently there aren’t any homes for sale in Lake of the Pines under $200,000. The market is picking up and home prices are beginning to rise too.




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