Irrigation Water from NID (Nevada Irrigation District)

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Here’s a new question (and answer) about irrigation water from the Nevada Irrigation District (NID).  By the way, NID is in Nevada COUNTY, California, not in the state of Nevada.

Nevada County Irrigation District Canal

The question comes from PK.  He asks:

“Hello, I just read your post on ditch water, very informative. I’ve noticed some listed properties with NID irrigation water get their water delivered through a private pipe, sometimes shared with others. From what I could find on the NID website, the account holder that installed the service box can discontinue service. If you weren’t the person that installed the box and were depending on that water for your orchard, say, sounds like a problem. What do you think, is buying a property that received its NID water through a private pipe problematic? Thanks!”

My response:

Dear PK,
In the instances where I have encountered piped NID irrigation water, there has always been a “water association” with a written covenant among members.  In such cases, each member is a share holder and has plunked down money for installation, maintenance, annual fees, etc.  There is an officer or a board of directors or some other entity to enforce the covenant.  So I would investigate that covenant for any property you want to buy–before you raise your investigation contingencies.  Typically such agreements are available through the title company that officiates the escrow during purchase.
Also, I have had very good luck in driving to NID headquarters in Grass Valley and having a face-to-face conversation.  The key here is to have a specific parcel already identified so that you are not dealing in generalities.
This is important.  Even if the property you are interested in has its own service box, DO NOT ASSUME THAT THE NID ALLOCATION AUTOMATICALLY TRANSFERS TO YOU when you purchase.  You need to procure from NID a “letter of commitment” to continue the allocation after you take ownership.  The last time I did this for a client I remember NID charging $80 (or was it $100?) for the letter.  Only with that commitment can you be sure that NID will continue your service.  Money well spent.
Good luck, PK.
The post PK refers to is: or you can just go to the search bar right here on the web site and type in Ditch Water.  There are other irrigation articles you will find if you type in NID.

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