Planting Guide for March in the Sierra Foothills

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What to Plant in March




With all the El Nino rain, the spring planting season is getting off to a bit of a late start.  Be careful not to dig around too much in sopping wet soil; it wreaks havoc on the soil structure.  Also there is a good chance of a late spring frost, so if you do go ahead and plant, be prepared to protect tender new growth.

That said, there are plenty of summer annuals in the stores right now.  You can also set out flowering perennials such as black-eyed Susan and coneflower.  Plant summer-flowering bulbs such as canna, crocosmia and gladiolus.  In fact, I’m going to post this and get down to the nursery and pick up a big bag of glads this afternoon.




Veggies!  Plant your potatoes now; one of my favorite and most successful Foothill edibles.  I’d hold off a couple of weeks on much else.  (Do not tell anyone that, ignoring this advice, I put three tomatoes in the ground this morning.  Shhh!)

It’s sure easy to pull those weeds with the ground so wet.  Mom’s yard is full of the pests, and I better get over there before she starts giving me the eye!

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