Spring Garden at Lake of the Pines, CA

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The Jenkins Garden is in the ground, this morning, finished, kaput, one hundred percent!   Up here in the Sierra Foothills I am taking a bit of a chance (we occasionally get late spring cold snaps) but the weather is too beautiful, and I just couldn’t help myself, but, I compensated for my impatience with better preparation than usual.  Before the first seed or seedling went into the dirt:

  • Preliminary plan drawn on paper.
  • Weeds pulled by hand.
  • Fences and trellis’s (trellises?) repaired.  (This is DEER country!)
  • Irrigation systems redesigned, repaired, and tested (drip when I can; sprinkle when I must)
  • Many (many) wheel barrows of compost trundled over from the bin and dug in.
  • (Okay, kids, this is the scary part.  You may want to look away.  Slug and snail bait sprinkled around the perimeter.  Yeah, yeah, I know.)
  • Bird screens repaired and standing at the ready.
  • Every square inch raked and smoothed.

Time to go shopping!

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