Buying Caribbean Real Estate: The House

said on October 15th, 2017 filed under: Roatan Honduras Real Estate

“Annabel” at Turtle Crossing West Bay, Roatan, Honduras.


Looking up at Annabel from the shore.  (She has been re-painted since this photo; now white with turquoise trim.)

How blue is blue?  The view from the back porch.

The gazebo.



Passing catamaran.


Views from the back porch.


La lluvia, El barco, The rain, she comes in.  The boat, he goes out.


Wrap-around deck.






CJ getting to work on the interior.


King bedroom.







The Prince bedroom.



Guest bathroom remodel.







Living Room.


Dining Room.



Office nook.




The kitchen.






Queen bath room.







Next door neighbor.  Look closely.  Don’t fret; it’s just a little boa.


West Bay Beach




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