Refresh and Refurbish

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How much more do you think your house would be worth if you put $30,000 into it? Century 21 thinks the answer is “a lot,” and I’m inclined to agree. The new “Refresh & Refurbish” program is here to prove it by granting the money for new listings.


There’s some specification required to qualify, but essentially, Sellers can apply for the program, get up to $30,000 for upgrades and repairs, thenĀ  repay the loan through escrow. The idea is that the home will sell for significantly more, making it worth the extra investment for all parties involved.


Refresh & Refurbish is brand new, and CJ is the first Realtor to take the plunge. We have a new listing coming on the market later this month; we can’t wait to show it off. We’ve already installed new carpet and vinyl, re-built a wall, re-stuccoed entire rooms, painted, power-washed, landscaped, and we’ve got more upgrades in progress. Every time I walk in I see improvement.


Just wait! We’ll have plenty of before and after pictures to show you!


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