Getting Permits After the Fact

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Here in Nevada County, we have many homes that have expanded their downstairs into living quarters. Some owners build to code but have not pulled permits to save on their taxes.


When a contract is accepted but concerns are raised about lack of permits, it is possible to apply for “after the fact” permits. To do so,┬áhire an architect or a residential draftsman to draw up new plans. Residential draftsmen are usually less costly. Both can get quite busy in Nevada County and sometimes it is necessary to hire someone from Roseville, Rocklin, or Sacramento.


Once you have hired the residential draftsman or architect, you will need them to make a floor plan, a site plan, an electrical plan, and a title 24 energy plan. These plans are submitted to the county and the owner will pay for a minor remodel. The average cost of the building permit is $1,200, plus an additional tax for every 500 square feet of newly permitted living space which goes to schools.


Obtaining permits after a structure has already been built may not be ideal, but it is doable! The county accepts after the fact permitting much more easily than they used to.



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