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This morning I was running Stevens Trail just outside of Colfax, California.

Stevens gets my vote as the most beautiful trail in the Foothills, at least in a thirty mile radius of Auburn.  I’ve run most of these trails, many times, and this one is my favorite for pure loveliness . . . combined with a worthy challenge.  View for view, glade for glade, and grade for grade, it matches up with any trail.   The trail head is conveniently close to the freeway, and there’s a LOT of trail, a nine mile round trip down to the North Fork of the American River (search around for the grinding holes left behind by the Nisenan women) . . . and back up to your car.  The return trip, a four and a half mile gallop, uphill all the way, provides the challenge.  But hey, that’s what you’re looking for, isn’t it?  Pushing yourself while lollygagging in Ma Nature’s embrace.  You’re not bumper-to-bumper on the interstate.  You’re not in one of those meetings where knives are hidden behind the words.  You’re not failing the required class for your degree.  No, you are in none of those places.  You are HERE.  Stevens!  Breathe it in.  What a buzz.  What a privilege.  You are HERE on Stevens Trail.

A few years ago, I wrote a couple of articles about Steven’s Trail—with lots of photos.  So help yourself.  Feel free to poke around on our site.  There are articles about many other Foothill trails.

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