Helping seniors with Real Estate at their own pace

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Make change happen at your own pace!

Working with seniors is a joy. It is important to note that life style changes may take more time for folks that have been in a place a long time.  Understanding this by assisting seniors at a comfortable pace is part of being a Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES).

John moved away from Lake of the Pines seven years ago to a tri-level care facility for his lovely wife’s medical care.  After she passed, John thought about returning to the community he loved.  After some tours of single-story homes, John selected a new home, but the concept of moving from one place to another was overwhelming. I arranged for a sweet couple to manage his move, so it would make things easier for John.  They planned packing, movers, changing over utilities, cleaning of both homes, arranging furniture, unpacking, and so much more.  With our help, many of the worries of moving melted away for John.

To truly help John feel right back at home in his old community, I threw him a Welcome Party once he was settled in. I invited some of John’s old friends as well as his new neighbors, so he could get to know more people. A fun time was had by all, especially John.


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