Our top 5 favorite House Plants

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House plants are always a great way to brighten up a space and make it feel more lush. House plants are great for people who don’t consider themselves to have a “green thumb” because most are not too high maintenance. If you have never had a house plant, or would like to add to your collection, here are our current favorite 5 house plants.


Snake Plant

These plants are so fun and basically impossible to kill! They need moderate sunlight and watering every 1-2 weeks.  They are great for smaller spaces because they grow very vertically rather than wide. They always have a wonderful green color that will brighten any room.


Fiddle Fig Tree

This type of ficus is very trendy right now! These trees grow very slowly but have amazing large green leaves. They love bright indirect light or soft direct light so put them in the corner of your brightest room. They do not do well in colder temperatures or where there is a draft so make sure to keep your fiddle fig cozy.


Aloe Vera

This guy is best known for its healing qualities of the gel inside the leaves. They are common succulent plants, and aloe vera is just one of hundreds of different types of aloe plants. When they are kept as indoor plants they purify the air & are slow growers. These cuties need good drainage, frequent light watering or misting, and good sunlight.


Golden Pythos

Commonly know as Devil’s Ivy, this is the classic indoor hanging plant. Its green color and ever-growing vines are always a great addition to a room. This is one of the easiest house plants as it thrives in almost all environments pertaining to light conditions, just not direct light. These plants are poisonous though rarely fatal to cats, dogs, and children if digested, so keep that in mind when purchasing.


Rubber Tree

These trees are very low maintenance and have nice smooth & shiny leaves you will want to pet each time you walk by. If you keep it in a well-lit position in your home, the rubber tree will need very little else other than watering once a week. Besides the ornamental aspect, the rubber tree is considered an air purifying plant.

Whatever your style may be, house plants are always a lovely addition to any home. Bring one of these plants home soon or give one as a house warming or holiday gift!

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