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How Are We Doing? An Analysis of Real Estate in Grass Valley, CA.

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This is the house we bought in Grass Valley, California as an investment on December 22, 2010. We called her “Grizabella.”  She was built in 1887 with 2 bedrooms and 1 bath.  She was 1176 square feet in size and sat on a generous .3 acre city lot near downdown Grass Valley.  How is “Griz” doing as an investment?

But first, let’s look at the Grass Valley real estate market as a whole for properties of this size.  For my study, I compared the period of Dec 22, 2010 through May 13, 2011 with the period of Dec 22, 2011 through May 13, 2012.  I selected houses between 1000 and 1500 square feet sitting on parcels less than 1 acre.

                                                     12/22/10 thru 5/13/11           12/22/11 thru 5/22/12        

Number of homes sold                                  36                                                    41

Highest price sold                                   $320,000                                      $300,000

Lowest price sold                                       $45,000                                         $55,850

Average price sold                                    $169,722                                       $151,858

Median price sold                                      $175,750                                      $144,000

Average list price                                       $177,398                                      $157,580

%sold price/list price                                     96%                                               96%

Price per square foot listed                         $137                                              $125

Price per square foot sold                           $131                                               $121

Average days on the market                          84                                                  67



You can see that more houses (41 to 36) sold this year, and faster (67 days on the market to 84).  But (and it’s a big but), prices have fallen.

Just comparing price per square foot of sold properties ($131 to $121) you can see that the value of small homes in Grass Valley market has declined about 7.8% in one year.

If you compare median price of homes sold a year ago ($175,750) with the median prices of home sold this year ($144,000) you would think the Grass Valley market has declined about 18%.  Let’s not do that.  Yuck.

The first calculation, price per square foot, is the more accurate, and less scary, “but it is what it is,” as we say in this crazy game.  The market continues to drift downward.

So, how did Grizabella do?

We bought her for $92.69 per square foot.  She was a bargain at 71% cost of the other homes sold,  based on price per square foot.  So, we were already ahead of the game.  But by the time we fixed her up, we had brought her cost up to $161 per square foot.  Now we cost more than the other homes sold during the first five months of this year, almost 19% more than the comparables.

Did we overspend, or more precisely, overimprove?


There are numerous variables in play (depreciation, tax advantages, and the real value added by remodeling or improving property), but the most important variable is this:  after property management expenses and maintenance, we are netting $1250 a month in rent.  That’s $15,000 a year.  That’s about 8% return on investment.

Of course, Uncle sam wants a piece of that, but doesn’t he always?


In an upcoming blog, we’re going to get even more sophisticated.  We’ll look at the same Grass Valley market for the same two periods of time, but we”ll compare conventional sales with homes sold as foreclosures and short sales.  Do you think we will see a marked difference?  Do you think there are really two different real estate worlds out there?  Let the truth be told.  Next time.





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10304 Kenwood Drive, Grass Valley, CA Two New Photos

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I’m going to lose my job as Jenkins Team photographer if CJ keeps taking shots like these.  We weren’t happy with the cover photo I took of this immaculate house 3 miles south of Grass Valley, CA, so CJ Jenkins, Intrepid Girl Photographer, went out to bag a new one.  Well, CJ “brought home the bear.”  That’s what we say to each other after some singular accomplishment.

Me:  Did you bring home the bear?

CJ:  A big one.

Me:  I’ll skin it and cook it.

She’s the rain maker and I’m the closer in our business, if you haven’t already guessed that.

So here’s a much prettier look at the home:


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Impeccable Home in Grass Valley, California

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Spick and Span



Clean and tidy.

Neat as a pin.

(Did we mention that there is also a clear pest report?)

There is nothing to do except move in and settle down.

Kenwood is a lovely street, near, but not too near, Highway 49, about two miles south of Grass Valley shopping centers.

The single-level home is well-suited for multi-generational family, with the master bedroom and bath at one end and a two-bedroom, bath,
and appealing family suite at the other end.

The kitchen has been upgraded with new lighting, fixtures, skylight, and appliances.

The entire home has been freshly painted, inside and out, with new carpets installed.

Two cheery back yards, both fenced and dog friendly, are shaded by tall pines

There is plenty of space for a boat or a recreational vehicle.

The backyard is capped off by a handsome, spacious gazebo for your entertaining pleasure.

This sharp, attractive home is offered for sale by a real seller, not a bank or short sale “negotiator,”

Exceptional  value in an excellent location

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