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No-Nonsense Look at the Lake Of the Pines Real Estate Market

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Let’s dispense with anecdotal examples. Let’s swerve around wishful thinking.  Let’s take an honest look at the hard evidence–actual sales of homes at Lake of the Pines, California.

For this analysis, we’ll compare sales data from the Nevada County Association of Realtors for two six-month periods:

(1) August 12, 2011 through February 12, 2012

(2) August 12, 2012 through February 12, 2013

This will give us a year-on-year comparison.

Lake of the Pines is divided into two real estate sub-markets.  Lakefront homes and everything else.  Lumping lakefronts in with everything else drastically skews the results.  For the purpose of this article, I will exclude 10 lakefront homes sold, 8 in the first six-month period, and 2 in the second six-month period.



Aug 12, 2011–Feb 12, 2012          Aug 12, 2012–Feb 12, 2013

Number of non-lakefront homes sold                                                                     36                                                      44

Average Days on the Market (DOM)                                                                       88                                                      90

Asking Price at time of sale                                                                            $255,478                                           $256,277

Asking Price per square foot                                                                              $135/sq ft                                         $135/sq ft

Actual Sold Price                                                                                               $244,420                                          $246,425

Sold price per square foot                                                                                  $129/sq ft                                         $130,000

Percent sold price to asking price                                                                        95.6%                                                 96.1%


Conclusion.  The real estate market at Lake of the Pines, excluding sales of lakefront homes, is statistically unchanged from 201/2012 to 2012/2013.  The six-month periods examined are traditionally the “slow season” sales periods (fall and winter).  It will be interesting to compare the “fast season” periods (sping and summer) later on in 2013.  Based on last year’s flurry of investor purchases of lower-end homes, I predict that the “fast season” data will show a modest year-on-year improvement.

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Awesome View at Lake of the Pines, CA

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Who wouldn’t want to wash dishes with this view? Best views at Lake of the Pines! Sensational vistas of the lake, marina, clubhouse, and sports lounge from 6 locations in the house.








continue reading…

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Lake of the Pines, Ca Market Report

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There are about 2,000 homes at Lake of the Pines.  I bet you would like to know how the real estate market in this community is performing this year.  You will be pleased and surprised to learn that continue reading…

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Introducing Our New Real Estate Assistant at Lake of the Pines

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We are pleased to announce that Deanne Gutierrez has joined the Jenkins Group at Century 21 Foothill Realty.   Deanne will be working with us as our Real Estate Assistant. She joins the team with prior experience as a Real Estate Assistant at Lake of the Pines and in the Auburn, Grass Valley, and Nevada City areas.

Deanne says:  “A little about me, I am married to my wonderful husband Simon and I am the mother to 4 fantastic kids. I love living in the Foothills (Lake of the Pines) with all that this beautiful area  has to offer. You can often find my family and me swimming at the lake or in nearby rivers, or boating on the lake with friends. We enjoy outdoor movie nights on our property and BBQ’s. I am also a very crafty person, loving everything about paper crafts as well as up cycling/recycling projects. I also enjoy photography and have blogs for both my crafts and my photography.”

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Getting Rid of Aphids on your Crepe Myrtles

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Our friend Anne Frank at Lake of the Pines called in to ask “how do I get rid of Aphids on my Crepe Myrtles?”

After a bit of research, I divided my answer into  manual, organic,  or synthethic treatments.  Synthethic is an euphemism for “chemical,” or course.

The two most highly recommended treatments are below indicated in bold italics.



Spay ‘em off with your hose or pick ‘em off by hand



Neem Oil spray or Safer’s Soap




Ortho Systemic Insect Killer (spray to get rid of them instantly)

Bayer Advanced 12 Month Tree and Shrub Protect and Feed (mix it and pour at the base of the plant)


I might start by spraying the aphids off with water, then putting a bag of ladybugs at the base (sounds entertaining!), then pouring the Bayer Advanced at the base.


If that doesn’t work, nuke ’em with the Ortho.

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Fabulous Lake of the Pines Home for Sale

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Pride of ownership is evident from the front door

to the shady rear court yard.

You will appreciate many interesting architectural elements in this handsome & classy home:

high and coffered ceilings,

gracious entry foyer,

arches, bull-nosed corners, and curves,


granite countertops in the kitchen, laundry, and baths

indoor laundry with sink and built-in cabinetry,

pretty bathrooms.

You will love the spacious patio and new spa,

private backyard,

and beautiful (low-maintenance) landscaping.

This extraordinary single-story home is located in an exceptional community and provides all of the superb Lake of the Pines amenities:  golf, tennis, a new pool, new sports lounge, (soon-to-be) new clubhouse, bocce ball, par course, sailing club, kayaking, water skiing, wake boarding, fishing, and clubs and activities too numerous and varied to list.

This home has a well-designed floorplan with 2511 square feet, 4 bedrooms, 2 and 1/2 baths, and a separate family room with built-in entertainment wall, fireplace, and wet-bar.

It is offered at $529,000

Take a video tour of this fabulous home (and sneak a peek at Lake of the Pines!)  Click this link:



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All-American Home for Sale

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We are happy to present this traditional All-American home at Lake of the Pines.  Situated on a quiet, shady street, it features a new kitchen, great room and full-sized 4 car garage.  With 4 bedrooms and 3 full baths, this this lovely residence provides you with a spacious floor plan of 2337 square feet.  It is offered at $419,000.

There will be a brief video tour at the end of this article.

This well-designed residence is impeccably maintained with custom features throughout.

A rare find at lake of the Pines, 11544 Inverness is  a comfortable single story home on a level lot.

Excellent southwest sun position provides cool afternoon shade in the kitchen, dining area, master bedroom, and charming back deck.

Guests will gather at the large island in the newly-remodeled kitchen.

Look at the pretty windows around the dining table.

The back yard is just slightly sloping away from the house for good drainage.

The pool table comes with the house!

This property is an extraordinary value in an exceptional location on an excellent quiet street.

Here’s your guided video tour.




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Landscaping Workshop for the Sierra Foothills

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We will be presenting a FREE landscaping workshop at 7:00 PM on WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 8, 2012 at the Generations Health Club just outside the gate of Lake of the Pines, California.  The address is 22824 Industrial Place, Auburn (unincorporated) near the corner of Combie Road and West Hacienda.


Immerse yourself in a fast-moving one-hour class about landscaping in the Sierra Foothills

Select a foundation landscape of permanent deer-resistant shrubs

Admire Lake of the Pines gardener Sue Baker’s list of Top Ten Annual Flowers

Steal Bob’s list of Top Twelve Perennal Shrubs for “deer country”

Spruce up your home’s curb appeal to create the Best First Impression for less than $1,000

Learn a bunch of Weird Stuff About Plants that we bet you don’t know

Bring a neighbor and your own gardening tips.  See you on Wednesday night at Generations Health Club!


Bob and CJ Jenkins



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Top 10 Summer Flowers for Lake of the Pines

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What are the Top Ten Summer Flowers for Lake of the Pines, California?

Sue Baker is the Lake of the Pines gardener.  Drive around LOP any time of year and you will spot Sue tenderly mothering her flowers.

Here are Sue’s choices for summer “colors”  Typically, these flowers are:

(1) annuals (you have to re-plant or re-seed them every year)

(2) selected for deer-resistance

(3) selected for low water usage


Vinca Annuals  (not the invasive ground covers Vinca major and Vinca minor)



Salvia (Sage)

Cosmos (Asteraceae)

Black-eyed Susan (Rudbeckia)

Coreopsis (Asteraceae)

Alyssum (Brassicaceae)

Shasta Daisy (Chrysanthemum maximus)

Yarrow (Achillea)


Impatiens (Balsaminaceae)


Zinnia (Asteraceae)


Let’s give Sue Baker a big Green Thumbs Up for her flowers and her help with this post!




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Deer Resistant Plants for the Foothills

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Deer are everywhere in the Sierra Foothills, and nowhere are they more numerous than at Lake of the Pines, California, where they move around through the un-fenced yards, lordly and arrogant,  eating just about everything that grows.

Can you actually establish landscaping, green and lush, that is impervious to the plague of deer?  Yes.

These are shrubs and trees reputed to be deer resistant, though those of us gardening in our area know that some deer will eat almost anything, and that all deer will eat almost anything if they get hungry enough.  I have seen hungry deer nibbling on the needle tips of junipers, though I have never seen them touch an oleander.

The worst offenders within deer herds are the fawns.  Like most babies, the fawns haven’t yet learned what to avoid, and they put anything into their mouths.  Because of their small size, the lowest and most tender growth of almost any kind of plant gets the special attention of these youngsters.  You might think about protecting newly installed “deer resistant” plants for the first year with screen or fencing.

Other trouble makers are the bucks during the fall “season.”  These sex-crazed lads will tear up plants just for the hell of it, and they will use your new trees to tune up their antlers for the mating wars to come.  You might think about wrapping the trunks of newly installed trees with burlap until the lust dies down.

All that said, here are my 12 favorite deer resistant plants for the lower foothills.  The photos are all from my own un-fenced yard at Lake of the Pines.   I am putting my plants where the deer mouths are.  These are July photos, so most of the specimens have already lost their flowers.


Juniper.  Lots of people don’t like juniper because they are scratchy and boring, but many types have adapted to dry conditions and take little water to hang on through the summer.  Juniper can form screening hedges and hold down  problematic hillsides.

There are also “softer” and low growing species of juniper.

Oleander.  Thank God for oleanders in July.  Oleanders are profuse boomers and provide the most reliable color in the summer landscape.  They are, as you know, poisonous, so don’t eat them.  The deer are also well aware of the toxicity.

Grevillea.  Sturdy and reliable.  My favorite types have delicate pink flowers on them almost all year.  They are prickly.

St John’s Wort.  A surprise discovery.  This plant is 3 years old.

Elaegnus.  This is a new addition, a “silverberry” variety.  We put it in this year for the first time.  So far so good.

Nandina, aka Heavenly Bamboo.  Not a real bamboo, and it will not get out of control.  You can trim it like a hedge if that’s your thing.

Azelea (and rhododendrums) The deer will eat some species, and they will eat young, tender new growth, but they leave old leathery azeleas alone unless they are desparately hungry.

Abelia.  This is glossy abelia.  Takes very little water.

Barberry.  Gorgeous red foliage to contrast with the green and grey-green on most foothill shrubs.  Lots of thorns.  Ouch.


Wisteria.  Wisteria grows so high and so fast that it will soon grow itself out of reach.  Of couse, if you don’t keep it under control, it will eat your house.

Yarrow, CJ’s favorite,  and Lavender, my favorite.


Dafodils and Narcissus.  These are not shrubs, but they do come back year after year to enliven the early spring.  Each year you should plant new bulbs.

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