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Good News for Both Sellers and Buyers

said on July 16th, 2015 filed under: Localism, Market Trends

I am excerpting and condensing from today’s report by Property Radar.

CALIFORNIA, JULY 15, 2015 — California single-family home and condominium sales gained 8.5 percent in June On a year-over-year basis, sales were up 16.4 percent from June 2014.

After a mediocre May, California real estate sales took off in June.   The year-over-year jump was the largest since October 2012 likely due to improving economic conditions and fear of continue reading…

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California Median Home Prices and Sales Retreat in May

said on June 24th, 2015 filed under: Localism, Market Trends

I am pasting this market update from “Property Radar,” a newsletter I have subscribed to for years.

California Median Home Prices and Sales Retreat in May
Median Home Prices Fall 1.8 Percent to $396,750,
Sales Down 3.5 Percent

“With the exception of a few counties, price increases have slowed considerably. You cannot defy gravity. The environment of rising prices on lower sales volumes was destined not to last. Higher borrowing costs since the beginning of the year and decreased affordability was bound to impact sales sooner or later. We may also be seeing the fourth year in a row where prices jumped early in the year, only to roll-over and head lower later the rest of the year.”

This is exactly what I have been seeing lately in Nevada County and Lake of the Pines.

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Charming Golf Course Cabin at Lake of the Pines

said on June 24th, 2015 filed under: Lake of the Pines, Localism

Enjoy relaxing on the back deck overlooking the Lake of the Pines Golf Course. Take a short walk  to the NEW Clubhouse and Main Beach where everything is happening. 


golf course house from the back






You will feel like you are in your vacation hideaway at the lake with wooden ceilings, three decks and open loft.  Extra parking available for your golf cart and toys. Excellent location! Exceptional value! $285,000


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The Real Estate AVID

said on June 15th, 2015 filed under: Localism, Negotiating, Real Estate Nuts and Bolts, Request for Repair

The Real Estate AVID

The California AVID is not an insect–though many real estate agents consider it worthy of extermination. The Agent Visual Inspection Disclosure is, for a fact, an odd and awkward creature. Can the findings from the AVID be used by the buyer in negotiating a Request for Repairs? Answer at the end of the article. continue reading…

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A Day in the Life of a Real Estate Dog

said on April 15th, 2015 filed under: Fun Things to Do Outdoors, Localism, Whimsy



Real Estate Dog

Dharma eyes

Daily Checklist

  •  Wait for mom and dad to get up
  •  Say good morning
  •  Get first treat from mom
  •  Get morning pills from dad
  •  Eat breakfast
  •  Pee
  • Wait for dad to get ready
  • Go for ride in the truck
  • Get special treat at Starbucks
  • Go for long walk in a favorite place
  • Pee
  • Poo (2 times)
  • Pee
  • Help dad with real estate
  • Get a bite of dad’s doughnut
  • Nap in the truck
  • Check on grandma
  • Get TWO treats from grandma
  • Go home
  • Munch ice cubes
  • Nap in the shade
  • Get afternoon treat
  • Pee
  • Play with dad
  • Get evening pills from dad
  • Eat Dinner
  • Get secret treat from mom that dad doesn’t know about
  • Go for night patrol in the neighborhood with dad
  • Pee
  • Poo (2 times)
  • Munch ice cubes
  • Get rubs
  • Fall asleep

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House for Sale on One of the Best Streets at Lake of the Pines

said on March 12th, 2015 filed under: Auburn, Lake of the Pines, Localism

Because You’re Worth It… Innovative and creative, this impeccably-designed craftsman home is situated on one of the best streets at Lake of the Pines. Sharp, crisp remodel, detailed with abundant natural light and clever touches throughout. Open floor plan. Level lot, single story. Fresh paint inside and out. New roof.



A place for everyone: enjoy lake views from the front porch, relax in the private backyard, or tinker in the 3 car garage or workshop. Close to Sandy Point Beach. Exceptional! Click below for virtual tour:



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Free Outdoor Movie Night @ Bear River High School (near Lake of the Pines, Auburn, Ca.)

said on September 22nd, 2014 filed under: Auburn, Fun Things to Do Outdoors, Lake of the Pines, Localism

Free Outdoor Movie Night @ Bear River High School benefiting the Bruins Baseball Booster’s Field of Dreams Project continue reading…

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Upcoming Event: B.S.A. Eagle Scout Fundraiser Yard Sale – 9/20/2014 Auburn, Ca.

said on September 18th, 2014 filed under: Localism

Upcoming Event: B.S.A. Eagle Scout Fundraiser Yard Sale to benefit Eagle Scout Project and Leadership Camp – 9/20/2014 corner of Combie Rd and West Hacienda Auburn, Ca. at the Century 21 Parking Lot. continue reading…

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Irrigation Water from NID (Nevada Irrigation District)

said on September 13th, 2014 filed under: Localism

Here’s a new question (and answer) about irrigation water from the Nevada Irrigation District (NID).  By the way, NID is in Nevada COUNTY, California, not in the state of Nevada.

Nevada County Irrigation District Canal

The question comes from PK.  He asks:

“Hello, I just read your post on ditch water, very informative. I’ve noticed some listed properties with NID irrigation water get their water delivered through a private pipe, sometimes shared with others. From what I could find on the NID website, the account holder that installed the service box can discontinue service. If you weren’t the person that installed the box and were depending on that water for your orchard, say, sounds like a problem. What do you think, is buying a property that received its NID water through a private pipe problematic? Thanks!”

My response:

Dear PK,
In the instances where I have encountered piped NID irrigation water, there has always been a “water association” with a written covenant among members.  In such cases, each member is a share holder and has plunked down money for installation, maintenance, annual fees, etc.  There is an officer or a board of directors or some other entity to enforce the covenant.  So I would investigate that covenant for any property you want to buy–before you raise your investigation contingencies.  Typically such agreements are available through the title company that officiates the escrow during purchase.
Also, I have had very good luck in driving to NID headquarters in Grass Valley and having a face-to-face conversation.  The key here is to have a specific parcel already identified so that you are not dealing in generalities.
This is important.  Even if the property you are interested in has its own service box, DO NOT ASSUME THAT THE NID ALLOCATION AUTOMATICALLY TRANSFERS TO YOU when you purchase.  You need to procure from NID a “letter of commitment” to continue the allocation after you take ownership.  The last time I did this for a client I remember NID charging $80 (or was it $100?) for the letter.  Only with that commitment can you be sure that NID will continue your service.  Money well spent.
Good luck, PK.
The post PK refers to is: or you can just go to the search bar right here on the web site and type in Ditch Water.  There are other irrigation articles you will find if you type in NID.

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Private, Contemporary Lake of the Pines home (Auburn, Ca.)

said on September 8th, 2014 filed under: Localism


Private, contemporary Lake of the Pines home with beautiful wooden floors, remodeled kitchen & open floor plan.

Room for everyone with the downstairs unit offering a family room, fourth bedroom, bath & separate entrance. Possible multi generational living or office space? Entertain on the front deck & courtyard or the back deck & patio amongst the shady trees. Lovingly maintained & ready for a buyer who appreciates the peace this home provides on a quiet court. A nice walk,a block away, for fishing at the lake!




This private, contemporary Lake of the Pines home is being offered at $415,000. Call for a showing!



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