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Affordable Mobile Home for Sale in Loomis, CA

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This Single Wide home has two extra rooms with lots of windows, two utility sheds for storage, and a sweet yard with palm trees.






New flooring, paint and appliances have been added.



The second bedroom is outfitted with a laundry hookup for your convenience, and the home has benefited from the PG&E energy partner program.




The Glenbrook Mobile Park offers a clubhouse, pool, laundry, BBQ and more.






Come see it for yourself if you are 55 or older: you’ll like the value.



Call CJ at 530-906-4715 for more information!


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Price Reduction on this Sweet Home for Sale in Grass Valley, CA

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Down from $429,000 to $409,000, get your own piece of the American Pie!



This 9.6 acre property has so many options: room to grow your garden with a 9 GPM well, two garages, lots of fencing for your animals, room for another structure, close to schools and stores yet private and peaceful.





Enjoy the new deck, and fresh paint and carpet.





The permitted second car garage/workshop ($26,000) has water/power.




Seller has a clear section one.







Conveniently situated between the foothills of Auburn and Grass Valley.



Great Value!



Call CJ for more information at (530) 906-4715!



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“Grab and Go” Bag (Part 2) First Aid

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This year’s fire season is predicted to (1) start earlier, (2) last longer, and (3) be more severe.  Are you ready to run for your life with little or no notice?  Here is our First Aid kit that lives in our “Grab and Go” bag.






Alka seltzer



Antibiotic ointment

Ace bandage


Gauze pads





This list does no include our personal medications which we keep elsewhere in the bag.  Let us know if you think other First Aid items are a “must.”

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A ‘Go Bag’ Guide… Just in Case!

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Disaster can strike at any time, and no area is immune. No matter where you live, having a ‘go bag’ can make a huge difference in an emergency where every second counts. Pack a small bag for each member of your household, keep them all in the same location, and make sure everyone knows the plan in case of an evacuation.
The Bag Itself
Keep it small and portable; you may literally be running with it. A backpack is ideal, but a lightweight suitcase may also work.
Pack about three days worth of each of your prescriptions. If you need larger items, such as an oxygen tank, make sure you have a portable version.
Pack enough for a few days. Include layers you can add or remove, lightweight rain gear, and waterproof boots.
Water and Food
Bottled water is essential. Granola or energy bars are also great picks because they are small, filling, and come in a wide range of flavors.
Personal Needs
List every toiletry you use on a daily basis, then buy a travel version of each. Also pack backup eyeglasses, a first-aid kit, babywipes and a multipurpose tool with a knife and can opener.
In addition to enough money to last a few days, pack small bills and a roll of quarters. If you need something from a vending machine, you won’t want to have to ask equally desperate strangers for change.
In a waterproof zip-lock bag, put photocopies of your birth certificate, driver’s license, Social Security and Medical cards, power of attorney and will, marriage/adoption/naturalization certificates, proof of address, and insurance/medical/immunization records.
Basic Electronics
Bring an extra phone charger in case you have electricity and a portable battery pack in case you don’t. Also pack a long-lasting flashlight, and a small AM/FM radio (with batteries if it needs them).

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Serving Food at Realtor Open Houses

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One of the things that I feel strongly about is the serving of food at all my Realtor Open Houses.  Realtors are known to ZOOM through properties and I want to slow them down…enjoy the home while they munch upon some good food.  There is a special connection when someone eats in a home and no matter what happens, the night before the tour I make a tasty treat for my colleagues.



Serving quesadillas in this Realtor tour in the beginning of May. The three different kinds of salsa are a true hit…freshly made from Ikedas .



Loving the chance to serve these freshly blended mango and pineapple smoothies in the tropical lanai at Sunset Hills Court.  What a treat while you look over the lake from the outdoor deck near the spa.




Realtors are more likely to remember their experiences in homes they really take the time to enjoy. Every little thing helps, and it’s great seeing everyone really stop and take their time!



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Idyllic Lot for Sale in Lake of the Pines, CA

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Build your dream home in the established community of Lake of the Pines. This active community offers golf, pickle ball, volleyball, lap pool, bocce ball, tennis, and a Sports Lounge.
From the parcel, enjoy the peaceful views of a pond and Dark Horse Golf Course.
Take a quick walk to THE LAKE at Park 4 to swim, kayak, fish and play, or launch your boat to sail or water ski.
Watch for the red bandannas–they mark our property lines!
With so much potential, this is the perfect place to build your ideal home.
This buildable lot is a rare find! Exceptional Value!
For more information, Call CJ at 530-906-4715!


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Turtles in Lake of the Pines, CA!

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This time of year we have turtles leaving hibernation, crossing the street, and traveling through 3 parks in Lake of the Pines to get to the water. Local turtle lovers have places “Turtle Crossing” signs throughout the community, so be careful!



Wondering what to do if you see one of these cuties trying to cross the road? You can carefully pick them up, but make sure you hold the turtle away from your body… their defense is to pee on you! Walk them as close as you can to the water and make sure to wash your hands afterwards.


As soon as Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Raphael, and Donatello get safely into the water the signs will be removed… at least until next their next adventure!



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Rejuvenated Home for Sale in Lake of the Pines, CA

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Do you remember that thing I said about Refresh & Refurbish? Namely that it exists, and it’s exactly what we did to an older home in Lake of the Pines. After just a month, the work is complete and 11250 Sunset Hills Ct is live on the market! Check out our before and after pictures!



The bushes outside were completely overgrown. They provide so much privacy, but I was worried about branches scratching my car! We had them trimmed and added deer resistant plants; it’s still super private and quiet here, just better maintained.



We felt the front doorway was very masculine and… dark. Really dark. I was honestly surprised how much of a difference paint, new light fixtures, delicate vegetation, and some clean-up can make!



We had a lot of clean-up to do. Our sellers donated so much clothing, furniture, dishes, and everything imaginable. We did not realize how much stuff we had until we needed to move it, but move it we did!




We pulled the records and wallpaper from the ceiling, which made the space feel cramped and small. Then we walled up the hole where the jukebox lived. After paint, a new light, and the removal of the chair lift the entry feels fresh and open. We emptied the stairway of pictures and a huge fern; now it doesn’t feel like you need to duck your head to go downstairs.





We took down so many decorations in the kitchen. After replacing the flooring, changing out the handles, removing the wine rack, and doing a lot of touch-up work, we could really see what it has to offer. There’s tons of storage, a lovely view of the golf course, the beautiful granite counter-tops with plenty of space to cook and entertain.




The dining area really needed the new flooring and contemporary light fixture. The original built-in cabinetry provides more counter space and any wine aficionado will feel right at home here.




More new carpets and light fixtures! The Master Bedroom got lots of TLC. We also painted the recessed shelves to help lighten things up.




The abundant master bath was already nice, but the magenta sinks and bathtub were just too much, so we got them re-enameled. The double sinks, spacious shower stall even has a built-in seat, and the sexy two-sitter bathtub is super luxurious.




Serious question: why would anyone ever carpet a bathroom??? New flooring was an absolute must!!! We also removed some towel racks and painted the mirror in the upstairs bathroom, but the floor was my biggest concern. Luckily the upstairs and downstairs bathrooms both received new flooring.






The bedrooms all received new carpets and touch-up paint. With three bedrooms upstairs and two below, this home offers options for multi-generational living and tons of space.







Speaking of space, there is that garage! Seriously. It’s huge. There’s a two car garage with two workshops, then two golf cart garages. There’s shelves, cabinets, three closets, and a legit storage room. It’s a lot to work with!







The Living Room was a major project. This room is the heart of this home, with panoramic views of the lake and golf course. We removed the shelving over windows, tore off the decorative molding on the ceiling, switched out the carpeting, re-plastered and painted the walls, built benches where the planters used to be, painted the bookshelves, replaced the light, and removed all the distractions: planter boxes, ornate light fixtures, and dark bookshelves. The lightening up and fresh carpet has given the room quite a boost.





The covered and outdoor decks are my favorite. We trimmed three huge oak trees that were really blocking the scenery; now you can see so much more of the lake. It’s such a perfect place to entertain friends and family or just relax in peace and quiet.





This home is so tranquil and private, and it really has so much to offer. It’s been an excellent experience getting to update it and see such progress over over just one month. This will definitely be someone’s happy place!



If you’d like to see it in person, let us know!

Call CJ at 530-906-4715 for a private showing!



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Refresh and Refurbish

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How much more do you think your house would be worth if you put $30,000 into it? Century 21 thinks the answer is “a lot,” and I’m inclined to agree. The new “Refresh & Refurbish” program is here to prove it by granting the money for new listings.


There’s some specification required to qualify, but essentially, Sellers can apply for the program, get up to $30,000 for upgrades and repairs, then  repay the loan through escrow. The idea is that the home will sell for significantly more, making it worth the extra investment for all parties involved.


Refresh & Refurbish is brand new, and CJ is the first Realtor to take the plunge. We have a new listing coming on the market later this month; we can’t wait to show it off. We’ve already installed new carpet and vinyl, re-built a wall, re-stuccoed entire rooms, painted, power-washed, landscaped, and we’ve got more upgrades in progress. Every time I walk in I see improvement.


Just wait! We’ll have plenty of before and after pictures to show you!


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Goats in LOP!

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Got Goats?
Lake of the Pines does!
There are 30-40 of these critters roaming about difficult to cut areas in this community.  They are the “weed whackers” of the area.  The goats are corralled in by a low lying plastic fencing just munching away. They even cuddle up and spend the nights in Lake of the Pines until the vegetation is chewed down.
It’s an interesting business model; someone else feeds your animals for you, so you can focus on how great goats are. Especially their weird square eyes. And the climbing. I like goats.
So yeah, this is the most adorable form of yard management I know of.

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