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Annual Real Estate Report

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From January 1, 2010 to December 31, 2010, here is your report for homes sold in the Nevada County side of our Golden Hills real estate zone.  This area is north of the Bear River and up to Nevada City.  In the report I have used the median price of homes sold, not the average price.  Median (an equal number of homes above and below the median) is a more accurate depiction of the market.

Area                                Median Price       #homes sold        price of homes

Alta Sierra                     $255,125                     -8%                            -8%

Grass Valley                 $215,000                   +7%                           -11%

Lake of the Pines        $275,000                   +4%                            +4%

McCourtney                  $260,000                  -32%                           -43%

Nevada City                  $292,550                 +17%                          -10%

Peardale                        $297,500                  -20%                          -24%

Penn Valley                   $279,000                 +24%                          -13%

South County                $365,000                  +1%                              -9%



The higher median price of South County sold homes is an aberation caused by the fortunate sales of a few very high-priced homes.  With that South County exception, the median price of sold homes in all areas is under $300,000.  Five years ago, who would have believed that?  Nevada City?  Under $300,000?  Get outta here!

The most affordable area is Grass Valley.  You can believe that.  I just picked up an investment home there myself, putting my own dollars where my advice is.  Yes, that’s my advice–buy investment homes in Grass valley.

As usual, Lake of the Pines is the most stable, most conservative area, the modest-yield certificate-type of real estate.  Number of sales went up a bit at 4%, and median prices went up a bit at 4%.  Nothing sexy, but the 14% differential between LOP’s modest +4% and Nevada City’s -10% is significant. 

This is probably the very best time to buy large rural parcels in the McCourtney area.  Not only is it beaten down in price and sales, but some of the finest, most beautiful land in the area is out in McCourtney.  Hmmmm?  Let’s go look at farm land in McCourtney.

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Weimar Institute Trails

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Weimar trees at prayer cove

The trails at Weimar are not spectacular.  No long-range vistas of the snow-capped mountains.  No thundering waterfalls.  But these trails are some of my favorites of all the trails I know in the Sierra foothills. 

Weimar Institute is a Seventh Day Adventist enclave (ashram?) between Auburn, CA and Colfax, CA just off Interstate 80 at the West Paoli exit.  This place is HUGE.  Though I’ve run all the Institute trails, I’ve never tried to calculate the cumulative trail distance, but it has to be continue reading…

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12 Reasons Why the 4th of July at Lake of the Pines, CA is the Best Day of the Year

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At Lake of the Pines, California, 4th of July is the best, most fun day of the year.  Houses are decorated.  The population doubles.  It’s bigger than Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween all rolled up in one ball of total happiness.

1.  Everybody, I mean EVERYBODY, shows up.  It lifts your patriotic spirit to see so many people having so much fun. continue reading…

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Alta Sierra, Lake of the Pines, and Lake Wildwood: A Snapshot of Homes for Sale

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Here is a comparison of homes sold and homes currently for sale in 3 Nevada County communities:  Alta Sierra, Lake of the Pines, and Lake Wildwood.  This data is provided by the Nevada County Association of Realtors Multiple Listing Service (MLS).  There are a few more homes sold and for sale in these areas than indicated in this report; some properties, especially bank-owned properties, are represented by continue reading…

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7 Reasons to Live in South County

said on June 10th, 2010 filed under: Country Property, Neighborhood Profiles

The area we call South County is north of Auburn, CA just across the Bear River in Nevada County and just below Alta Sierra.

1.  The location is superb.  South County is near the mountains, canyons, rivers, and trails and it is also near continue reading…

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10 Reasons to Live in Alta Sierra

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We talked to folks who have lived in Alta Sierra for many years and asked them what they liked about living there.  Here’s what they said:

1.  The location is perfect, about midway between Auburn and Grass valley.

2.  It looks and feels like a park.

3.  It’s so quiet.  At night, an acorn falling on the driveway sounds like a gunshot.

4.  The Home Owners Association dues are only $25 a year.

5.  It’s only 10 minutes away from the supermarket and K Mart.

6.  You can call 1-866-its-dead and somebody will come pick up the dead deer or raccoon in the road.

7.  There are so many pretty hills and pine trees.

8.  We have our own country club and golf course.

9.  The lots are larger than most places.

10.  The homes are affordable!

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